Silicone 3D Printing in Our Daily Life

Silicone has superior mechanical and physical properties: good elasticity, heat and cold resistance, and great biocompatibility. It is one of the elastomer with enormous application. San Draw makes silicone 3D printing enter into daily life with applications in medical, automobile, and aerospace.

Surgeries are involved in many otology treatment, while otology microsurgery is one of complicated surgery which requires comprehensive anatomical knowledge  extensive practices.


Advanced Lobectomy Trainer

Single-port VATS is a surgery procedure to do lobectomy and Mediastinal lymph node dissection (MLND) a with smaller cut, leaving smaller wound, less pain, and better recovery; however, the surgery requires more sophisticated skills.


Angioma Surgery Trainer

Stenting requires extensive experiences and comprehensive skills to evaluate information from machines without vision. Medical students can now practice on trainers of different angiomas to learn the skill. 


Myofunctional trainers for children

Clinical Training Models

Venipuncture Trainer

The model is made of soft but durable silicone. The trainer can be used for both blood withdraw-al and intravenous inject-ion, while the liquid can be drained away from the veins.

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