ASPVS 2019

7th Asian single port VATS symposium

Advanced Lobectomy Trainer

The model is divided into a total of 7 components of the visceral model and the sternum model, which are made according to the human body ratio of 1 to 1.


The model adopts environmentally-friendly silicone material, which adjusts the softness and hardness of the material according to the touch of the real part of the human body. The high-fidelity and high-precision display of the heart, lung, bronchi, sternum and skin.

Advanced Lobectomy Trainer

The model connects the vein and the arterial blood vessel, and the electromechanical control of the lung leaf aspiration mode can simulate the real physiological response of the surgical bleeding, super-realistic surgery, and effectively improve the surgical training skills.

Product component:

Detailed introduction:

a. Heart model*1

b. Diaphragm model*1

c. Three right lobes containing bronchus and static/arterial*1

d. Right half sternum*1

e. Right half chest skin*1

f. Electromechanical control box*1

g. AC wire connector*1

h. Mucosal supplement tank*1

i. Red pigment powder*1

j. Size:50×30×40cm

k. Weight:15kg

Exhibition information:

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